World’s Newest Country – The Kingdom Of Enclava

Kingdom Of Enclava is a self-proclaimed micronation, situated on an unclaimed parcel of land strip at the Croatia-Slovenia border. It was proclaimed on April 23, 2015 by Polish tourist K. Wrona.

Located on an unclaimed strip of land near the Slovenian town of Metlika, some 50 kilometres away from Croatia’s capital Zagreb. Enclava has an area of 100 sqm. The idea behind Enclava is “to create a place where everyone, regardless of skin color, religion or nationality, will be able to express their opinions, study for free, and earn money without worrying about taxes” said Piotr (Co-founder). More than 5,000 people have so far applied for citizenship. Around 800 new nationals voted in the Kingdom’s first election last week.

Piotr also said “We accepted candidatures from all over the world. Anyone could stand for election as long as they are or were not a member of extremist group, convicted of a criminal offence or currently being prosecuted.”

Enclava has adopted five official languages, English, Polish, Slovenian, Croatian, Chinese.

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