Android N Update : New Features, Tweaks & Release Date

Ready for Android 7.0 from Google? Its in Alpha right now Google discussed a number of enhancements in Android Software like split-screen mode, quick settings buttons, new set of emoji and the ability to reply to texts directly from their notification. With lots of platform improvements, Android N looks to be more focused on improving the usability and stability of the new software.

Google also discussed about an upgrade to its battery saving function doze. Now your device no longer needs to be stationary for battery saving to come into effect as battery can now enter this low power mode even while in your pocket. However the name of Android N is not justified by Google. This time Google is looking for public opinions, you can suggest Google the name here. Android N will succeed Android Marshmallow later this year.

Will It be Android 7?
There’s no guarantee this will be called Android 7 update – Google has sometimes opted to do smaller iterations for the updates. for- example, Android 4 had 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, 4.1 Jelly Bean and 4.4 KitKat.

However, Samsung has mistakenly leaked out a hint it’ll be called Android 7. Within its source code for its MultiWindow SDK 1.3.1, it reads “This version has been released with Android N(7.0) compatibility.” Sadly, Google didn’t announce the big number at IO, so for now we’re still in the dark.

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