Everything you wanna know about iOS 10

Apple CEO Tim Cook said that iOS 10 will be the “biggest release ever” for iOS users.

iOS 10 is the successor to iOS 9. This new iOS includes lots of new features like redesigned lock screen, Siri API for developers, new features for messages, redesigned apple music app, deletable stock apps, new “home” app for HomeKit and major updates for a wide variety of apps and services.

Its redesigned Lock Screen includes new rich notification which help to know more about notification without unlocking the iPhone. The 3D touch on the home screen includes widgets for apps that don’t require you launching the app properly.

With “SiriKit“, Siri can be used to send messages in third-party apps such as WeChat, skype and many more apps.

Apple music app is redesigned, to make it simple and easy to use some new tabs are introduced such as Library, For You, Browse, Radio and the search tab. “Lyrics” are also being added in the new version of Music app.

Apple news is also getting breaking news notifications and subscriptions in iOS 10. Apple home is the all-new app. It builds on Apple’s homekit infrastructure. It helps us to manage all our connected devices. With the help of this new app, you access your devices even from iPhone’s lock screen.

One of the most-awaited feature in iOS 10 is you can delete unused stock apps to free up some more space. This feature allows you to delete default app like calendar, weather, mail etc.

Apple has also changed the way to unlock iPhone. Now you have to press on home button and then enter the passcode to unlock your iPhone. If your iPhone has fingerprint sensor to unlock device, the unlock process is same. Now you can access your iPhones’s camera without unlocking your iPhone. Apple has also added a new feature to the lockscreen so that you can open your iPhone’s camera directly from the lockscreen. You just have to swipe right to access the camera. You can also customize this feature by choosing from no. of widgets. Swipe left on lockscreen to add a widget.


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