LG Launches ‘Mosquito Away TV’ Priced At Rs.26,900

LG launched its new range of TVs named “Mosquito Away TV” in India priced between Rs.26,900 to Rs.47,500. It’s a Mosquito repellent TV that keeps the Mosquitoes Away. The product has been tested by International Institute of Biotechnology and Toxicology aka IIBAT.

LG Electronics India said, “The LG Mosquito Away TV, developed as per the Indian insights by consumers, is equipped with an ultra sonic device which once activated, uses the sound wave technology and makes mosquitoes fly away without emitting any harmful radiations”.

According to the company and research team at IIBAT, the technology used by LG in ‘Mosquito Away TV’ does not involve use of any chemical nor does it require to be refilled. The technology is also maintenance free.

LG Electronics Director Howard Lee said, “LG is constantly introducing products based on Indian insights, making them more meaningful for Indian consumers”.

The 80cm LG ‘Mosquito Away TV’ is priced at Rs.26,900 while its other variant having 108cm screen size is priced at Rs.45,500. The product will be availbale to buy in select LG brand stores.

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