Rashtrapati Bhavan Museum All Set To Welcome Tourists & Public

The second phase of Rashtrapati Bhavan Museum is ready to be opened to tourists and public from October 2. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate the museum on Monday, the day when India’s President Pranab Mukherjee will complete his four years in office.

Omita Paul, the President’s Secretary said “When the President took over on July 26 four years ago, there were clear instructions that the precincts of the Rashtrapati Bhavan must be open to the public.”

Rashtrapati Bhavan Museum in Presidential estate is the country’s only underground museum with augmented reality and is spread over 1,30,000 square feet. The museum is built at a cost of 85 crore in just 19 months. The museum will showcase more than 2,000 artifacts. Those who wish to visit the museum can book a tour via Rashtrapati Bhavan Website.


“This will be an event-based storytelling museum, not a object based museum just like other museums,” said Saroj Ghosh who is an advisor to the President. The museum is built under the supervision of museologist Saroj Ghosh. “The use of digital technology to represent history will be the key highlight of the museum,” he added.

The museum will be open six days a week and the initial ticket cost will be Rs.50. Visitors can enter through Gate No. 30 of Presidentil estate to visit Rastrapati Bhavan Museum. “There will be battery-operated cars at the gates to transport visitors. We will also be keeping some bicycles in case people wanna ride and come.” said Omita Paul.

“The artifacts we have put here are related to the Rashtrapati Bhavan and the legacy, over the years, the presidents have left behind.”

The virtual reality experiences will take you 85 years back to 1931 to take a virtual walk with Mahatma Gandhi as he exits the Viceroy’s Palace after signing the Gandhi-Irwin pact.

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