Yahoo Added News, Finance, Weather and Monkey Bot To Facebook Messenger

Yahoo added four new bots to Facebook Messenger to provide news, weather forecasts, stock market trends to the users. It’s fourth bot is pet monkey where you can send as many emojis as your heart desires, said Yahoo. Monkey bot is a ‘Virtual Pet’ that shares selfies from its ‘travels.’

You can find Yahoo Bots on both iOS and Android by searching for @YahooFinance, @YahooNews, @YahooWeather, and @MonkeyPet

Let’s talk about the bots now, @YahooFinance lets you search for the latest news and information on stock market. @YahooWeather will let you know about the weather conditions and @YahooNews will let you search for specific news reports. It will also provide trending stories and you can also open news articles according to your interest.

Anyone who is using Facebook Messenger can make use of Yahoo bots. The reason why Facebook introduced Yahoo bots in Messenger is to let users do anything they want from the Messenger App. The bots might not always be helpful as they are automated.

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