Apple Introduced Bug Bounty Program; Offers Up To $200K To Researchers

Apple announces its first ever bug bounty program at the Black Hat security conference in which researchers who discovers vulnerabilities in its products will be offered up to $200,000.

Users have lots of sensitive information stored on Apple products, so to ensure that all the users’ data remains safe and secure, Apple has introduced this bug bounty program to offer up to $200,000 to hackers who will find the bug and report Apple of security flaws.

The program will go live in September, initially to a select group of invited researchers. For now there are five categories of risk and rewards however Apple will soon expand the the bug categories.

Categories & Rewards :

  • Up to $200,000 for secure boot firmware components.
  • Up to $100,000 for extraction of confidential material from secure enclave.
  • Up to $50,000 for execution of arbitrary code with kernel privileges
  • Up to $50,000 for unauthorized access to iCloud account data on Apple servers.
  • Up to $25,000 for access from a sandboxed process to user data outside the sandbox.

Apple will offer the reward amount according to the clarity of the vulnerability report and the degree of user interaction necessary to exploit the vulnerability.

Apple will now have more eyes on its products to detect and deal with a threat before it affects millions of people around the world who are using Apple’s software and hardware.

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