Still No Trace Of Missing IAF AN 32 Aircraft

It’s been more than a month since the IAF plane named ‘AN-32’ went off-radar and still there have been no sign of any debris. A month ago IAF’s AN-32 plane went missing in Bay of Bengal.

The plane was travelling from Chennai to Port Blair having 29 people on board. A massive search operation by Indian Air Force, Indian Navy and Coast Guards took place deploying many Aircraft, Ships and even a Submarine but they found no trace of missing aircraft.

The search operation continue with the help of NIOT’s (National Institute of Ocean Technology) vessels Sagar Nidhi and Samudra Ratnakar along with two Indian Navy and one coast guard ship monitoring the surface of the sea.

NIOT’s Samudra Ratnakar at around 200 to 300 miles off Chennai found some pieces at a depth of around 3,000 to 4,000 meters but the officials said it was not clear if it was the debris of the missing aircraft. “The ship has tracked some echoes from the seabed but it will be a long process to verify if there is any debris belonging to the AN-32,” said IAF spokesperson.

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