3 Dead & 2 Injured In Shooting At Cascade Mall in Burlington, Washington

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Three people were killed and 2 other injured during a shooting at Cascade Mall in Burlington. According to reports, a gunman attacked the Cascade Mall in Washington late Friday and killed three people and wounded 2 others in which one of them is in very serious condition.

Sergeant Mark Francis, a Police spokesperson, said there was one suspect in the shooting at the Mall in Burlington. He also described the gunman as a “Hispanic male wearing gray.”

Surveillance video shows that the man was carrying rifle like weapon or probably a rifle. Francis told reporters that three women were killed and 2 men were injured, with one suffering life-threatening injuries.

“Right now we can’t assume anything. So they’re still interviewing witnesses and trying to get a good idea of exactly what action to take next. We’re just asking people to, obviously, stay away from the area. Stay inside and obviously report anything suspicious that they may see,” Trooper Rick Johnson told CNN.

Immediately after the incident, the mall was evacuated and the injured were treated medically. The search operation is still going on by different law enforcement agencies to find the suspect. Help from Sniffer dogs is also being taken.

Update: The 20-year old suspect, Arcan Cetin, is in Police custody now. Cetin of Oak Harbor, Wash. was arrested on Saturday night. Police is trying to know the motive behind the mall attack.


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