BSNL Unveiled Rs. 249 Broadband Plan; Not For Existing Users

BSNL revealed its new broadband plan to compete with Reliance Jio. The new plan will cost you Rs.249 + taxes (around Rs.300). BB149 plan is only for new customers, existing customers will not be able to avail the new plan.

Broadband 249 (BB249) plan offers unlimited data usage. You will get 2Mbps (appx. 250KBps) speed for the initial 1GB and then the speed will be sliced to half i.e. 1Mbps (appx. 120KBps) for rest of the month.

It’s an introductory offer from BSNL to attract customers to use its broadband services. New customers can avail the plan from September 9. You can enjoy unlimited high speed data only for six months and after that customers will have to switch their plan with other broadband plans. The basic plan will cost Rs.499 + taxes. That means for six months you have to pat Rs.249/- per month and then BSNL will migrate you to its unlimited BB499 plan.

No charges will be taken from customers for installation. BSNL says at Rs.249, users will be paying only Rs.1 per GB. Means, if you use 300GB of data in one month then according to BSNL you will be paying only Rs.1 for 1GB of data usage.

To avail this plan, customers will have to spend between Rs.3000 to Rs.3500 (appx.) for the initial setup first. The initial setup requires a good router which will cost you between Rs.1000 to Rs.1500. You can also avail BSNL modem at cheaper rates or at the same rates but in that case you have to keep one thing in mind. The BSNL modem will work only for BSNL and not for other internet service providers (ISPs). Other charges includes landline, if you buy it on you own, again it will cost you around Rs.1000 and if you rent it from BSNL then you have to pay for its security and other monthly rent charges. There are other securities you have to pay for initially. For more exact details, please visit your nearest BSNL outlet.

So for whole process you have to spend some money initially. Securities will be refunded when you withdraw your connection. Those who already have a router and a landline will be benefited the most.

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