Communal Violence In Bijnor, 4 Killed & Around 10 Hospitalized

Communal violence took place today in Bijnor district of Uttar Pradesh after a schoolgirl was allegedly harassed by a group of youths from particular community while she was on her way to school. According to the reports, four people were killed and dozens injured in clashes between the two communities.

People from both sides gathered and started pelting stones which injured several people on both sides. As the number of injuries rose, the situation turned out of control and lead to the firing of gunshots which killed 4 people.

During the day, several vehicles were set on fire by some locals and they also pelted stones on shops and other establishments.

Six people, all from Jat community, who were involved in the violence have been arrested so far. The incident happened in Peda Village located on the route to Najibabad. There has been tension in whole district after the violence took place. According to the Police, situation has been brought under control.

Since then, there has been atmosphere of violence in the district as gunshots were fired which killed 4 men. Police forces have been deployed into the city to take the situation under control as people gathered and seized the national highway and protested.

Police reached the spot immediately after being reported. Two policeman’s have also been suspended. Injured people have been hospitalized in Meerut.

“This is an unfortunate incident. The culprits will be arrested under the National Secutrity Act and no one will be spared,” said Additional Director General of Police.

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