NIA to Probe the Uri Attack, files FIR

NIA, National Investigation Agency, took over the probe into the Uri Attack from the Jammu & Kashmir Police and will carry on the investigation. NIA, on Sunday, filed a case to probe the terrorist attack at the Army Camp in Uri.

Four Jaish-e-Mohammad terrorists entered and attacked the Army base located in Uri. 18 soldiers were killed during the attack and dozens were injured. The Army took the situation under control with a heavy loss. The place where the attack took place is only 6Km away from the Line of Control.

Heavy arms and ammunition were collected from the terrorists along with two mobile phones and two GPS. The evidences proved that the terrorists belonged to Jaish-e-Mohammad terror group.

NIA began its investigation by collecting all the available evidences. NIA also collected DNA samples of the four terrorists along with their photos. The agency will also make a judicial request to Pakistan for evidence.

The agency already sent nine letter rogatory to Pakistan and all the nine requests are still pending. Here’s what NIA offcial said “In the past two-three years, there have been nine instances when we have sent letter rogatory to Pakistan seeking evidence to aid our case. There is irrefutable evidence of local Pakistani help in all these cases. We need to connect dots but Pakistan refuses to part with any information.”


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