PSLV Rocket Launched with 8 Satellites including SCATSAT-1


ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation) launched PSLV’s SCATSAT-1 from Sriharikota Launch Pad in Andhra Pradesh. The rocket has been loaded with 8 satellites set to be placed in two different orbits. According to ISRO, it’s a two-in-one mission spread over two hours and fifteen minutes.

An European Space Agency has already accomplished similar mission, placing satellites in two different orbits, recently with its Vega Rocket. 

After 17 minutes into the flight, PSLV ejected SCATSAT-1 staellite in the polar sun synchronous orbit at an altitude of 730km.

The spacecraft launched carrying three Indian satellites (SCATSAT-1, PRATHAM, PISAT), three satellites from Algeria (ALSAT-1B, ALSAT-2B, and 1N), and one each from Canada (NLS-19) and US (Pathfinder-1).

The 371 kg-weighing SCATSAT-1 is meant for ocean and weather-related studies. The 10 kg-weighing PRATHAM satellite is developed by IIT Bombay students, intends to study the total electron count in Space. The PISAT satellite weighs 5.25kg, designed to take pictures of earth and to explore remote sensing applications. PISAT is developed by students of PES Universityin Bengaluru.

SCATSAT-1 will roam around the planet for five years. The satellite will provide weather forecasting services along with cyclone detection and tracking.

Talking about other satellites, ALSAT-1B (103kg) is an Earth observation satellite, ALSAT-2B (117kg) is a remote sensing satellite while ALSAT-1N (7kg) is a technology demonstration satellite. Canadian NLS-19 is a technology demonstration nano satellite designed to track commercial aircraft and the last one i.e Pathfinder-1 from US is a commercial high resolution imaging micro satellite.


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