Trade Unions Calls On For A Nationwide Strike On September 2

The central trade unions jointly with independent federations of employees will go on for a nationwide strike on Friday to highlight their demands. The Union Government of India has already raised minimum wages from Rs.250/- to Rs.350/- but still the trade union refused to call the strike off.

Because of the strike banks, government offices, and factories may remain closed on Friday. Public transport could also be affected by the strike.

The unions are demanding a minimum wage of Rs.18,000/- per month. It’s not all about wages, the unions are also demanding social security for workers and assured pension of not less than Rs.3000/- per month for all sectors which also includes unorganized workers.

Other demands include removal of FDI from railways, defence, and other strategic sectors. They also have objection regarding loosening the norms for foreign investment in areas like insurance and defence.

Finance Minister, Arun Jaitley, on Tuesday tried to make unions call off the strike by proposing that the government will release last two years central government employees’ bonuses and will also increase minimum wages for unskilled labors. But the unions rejected it and refused to do so. The government also doubled the minimum wage to Rs.18,000/- per month, as per the 7th Pay Commission but the trade unions have much higher demands.

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