UP Government: Free ‘Samajwadi Smartphones’ For Uttar Pradesh Residents

After distributing free laptops to students, Akhilesh Yadav (Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh) is planning to distribute smartphones for free to the residents of Uttar Pradesh. On Monday, he announced that his government will soon start working on this scheme called ‘Smajwadi Smartphone Scheme’ which will benefit all sections of the society.

Elections are to be held in Uttar Pradesh next year and the smartphones will also be distributed, according to the scheme, next year i.e. in second half of 2017. Yes you got it right, second half, which means the party is need to be voted so that it could keep the promise of distributing the smartphones.

The state government said that the phone will be a two-way communication tool to spread awareness among the people about the government schemes and policies. Users will also be able to share feedback on different schemes and policies of the government. In this way people can reach out to government.

The free smartphone is not for everyone as there are some terms and condition to be eligible for the smartphone. First of all, Government employees are not eligible. You have to be 18 plus, must be a resident of Uttar Pradesh by birth, and family income should be less than 2 lakh per annum. You should be minimum high school pass and in case of students, your parents should not be a government employee.

The smartphone will be equipped with all the modern technology and pre-installed government apps which will be loaded with all the information about the government. Talking about the selection criterion, the chief minister cleared the fact that the beneficiary will not have to go to any government office and will be selected in a complete transparent way to avoid corruption. After the selection, the smartphones will be dispatched directly to the beneficiaries’ address. The one who is eligible can apply online to receive the free smartphone. It will take a month to initiate online registrations.

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