Surat’s Businessman, Lalji Bhai Patel, Surrendered Rs. 6,000 Crore To Government


After the demonetization of Rs.500 and Rs.1000 currency notes, there has been a lot of news all around internet that a car full of black money or bags full of old currency notes is being captured by police and other authorities.

PM Modi has not given much time to allow black money holders to turn their black money into white. By declaring Rs.500 and Rs.1000 currency notes cease to be legal tender, black money holders are unable to switch their old currency notes into Rs.100 banknotes.

So they are just throwing away their money into rivers and garbage. Some of them are trying harder to get there most of the black money turned into white. As a result, they are getting caught.

Demonetization of Rs.500 and Rs.1000 notes is definitely a good decision by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi, but, we hope he will also help people and businessman having hard-earned honest money to not get effected by the currency ban. Here comes a story of honest businessman from Surat who has surrendered Rs.6,000 crore in cash to the government.

Lalji Bhai Patel, who has also bought PM Modi suit-jacket, has surrendered his Rs.6,000 crore in cash to the government. By doing so, he has to pay Rs.5,400 crore as tax on the money deposited by him [30% (Rs.1,800 crore) as tax and 200% (which make it to Rs.5,400) as fine on the tax].

Lalji Bhai Patel is an honest businessman based in Surat who is a famous diamond merchant and builder. He has a good background record too as he has been donating his funds to charities and other social causes over the past few years.

Lalji Bhai Patel has recently donated Rs.200 crore for educating the girl child across the country. He is also famous for giving away cars and flats to his company’s employees on Diwali as a gift. He has surrendered a large amount of his hard earned money. Hope the government will help Lalji Bhai Patel on this matter.


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