Take Selfie While You Drink With Coca Cola Selfie Bottle


Forget selfie sticks, now fulfill your social media addiction by using Coca Cola Selfie Bottle. You can now take selfies while you drink with the Selfie bottle. Coca Cola Israel has designed this Selfie Bottle for people who are always partying and enjoy taking selfies.

However, the real motive behind developing this Selfie Bottle is to kick start its soda sale again as the company’s sale is gradually falling in Soft drink market. The company haven’t revealed any details regarding the price and its availability.

The bottle features a built-in camera at the bottom for taking selfies. The highlighting feature is that, it takes a selfie automatically when the bottle is tilted at an angle of 70 degree. So, you don’t have to push any button or to set a timer, just take a sip and that’t it.

You can also share the selfies of yourself enjoying Coke on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platform. You can transfer photos via its USB port. The bottle that takes selfies is created by an ad agency named Gefen Team.

And the best part, you can reuse the bottle by just filling in any drink you like or you can buy another Coca Cola drink with normal bottle and then refill the selfie bottle. I know, no one will need this bottle as much as selfie stick, but, it really take good photos from a good angle.


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