Uber’s Redesigned App adds ‘Shortcuts’

Uber made lots of changes over years till now in its previously designed app, which was introduced in 2012. Now, Uber announced the newly designed Uber App which offers lots of changes and added features. The redesigned app is faster, smarter and more user friendly.

The new design revolves around the idea of “Where to?” The new app learn from your routines. It comes with a feature called shortcuts that can predict your next ride. You got it right, based on your previous rides, the new Uber app predict locations where you could be headed.

Soon, you will be able to connect your calendar with Uber app. Uber will synchronize all the meeting and appointments to its app accordingly and will automatically appear as “shortcuts”.

Not only calendar synchronization, Uber will soon be introducing a new feature which Uber currently refer to as people are the new places. Instead of a place, this upcoming feature will allow you to set your destination to a person. You just have to sync your contacts with the app. Once they have shared their locations, you have to search for a person name into the search bar and you’ll be heading your way.

“We know that you want a different type of ride for different moments. If you’re on the way to a meeting and want to prep, you’ll choose a solo ride with uberX. To ride in style to a celebration, maybe UberBLACK. And for a run-of-the-mill trip across town, uberPOOL. It’s now much easier to compare the cost of all your options with upfront fares. And for uberPOOL and uberX, you also see what time we expect you to arrive, so you have what you need to make the best decision for your wallet and schedule,” stated Uber in an article.

The new Uber App has been started rolling out globally on iOS and Android. If you haven’t received the update yet, then you will, in several weeks. Vist here to learn more.


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