CBSE Says Okay To Class 10 Board Exams & Recommended 2 Extra Years Of Sanskrit


Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) today confirmed that Board Exams will be compulsory for Class X students from 2018. The proposal, that was proposed by Prakash Javadekar earlier, cleared by the CBSE Board of Governors today. The Board also recommended to continue the three-language formula till Class 10. As per the three-language system, students will have to study Sanskrit alongside English and Hindi till Board Exams.

The Board also said that other foreign languages should be taught as fourth language. It will also be up to students to opt out for the fourth language but the other three stated above will be compulsory.

Prakash Javadekar, Humar Resources Development Minister, earlier proposed that Board Examination for Class 10 students should be made compulsory. “We will implement it from the 2017-2018 session, not this year or in the next two months. The final decisions will be announced soon, it is under final consideration,” stated Prakash Javadekar.

CBSE is making board exams compulsory again as the board received many complaints from educationists as well as from parents that the educational system is slipping under the adopted examination system. The current system also making it difficult for the students to perform well in tough Class 12 Board exam. Students are committing suicide because of their failure in such examinations.

The board introduced CCE (Continuous and Comprehensive Rvaluation) pattern in 2010 in an effort to release some academic pressure on students. According to the system, students received grades known as CGPA. Under the system, Board exams had been made optional for Class 10 students. It offered students to choose between a Board exam or Home Exam (School-Based Examination).

The members of CBSE governing team agreed to make Board Exam compulsory for Class 10 students from 2017-2018 session. To reduce the pressure on students, this time, government is thinking to reduce the board exam weightage to 80 percent which means that the remaining 20 percent will depend on school-based evaluation.


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