AirAsia To Host Its First Hackathon “AIRVOLUTION 2017”


AirAsia is all set to organize its first hackathon on March 18 at its Kuala Lumpur headquarters, Malaysia. The hack event has been named as “AIRVOLUTION 2017” which will be themed on Air Travel and related to the company’s services.

For starters, hackathon is like a fest in which computer programmers and developers, designers, engineers, or other related professionals and geeks participates as teams or individuals for a collaborative outcome.

Talking about the AIRVOLUTION, 20 teams will be selected to compete with each other and win prizes. The team should belong to one of the 26 countries covered by AirAsia flights. There will be some challenges, however, the final challenge will be announced on the event day. The top prize will be RM 25,000 (approx $5,600) which will be given to the winner in cash. The top prize package also includes five sets of return flights to any destination covered by AirAsia and 100,000 of the company’s big loyalty points.

Each team will be given 8 minutes to demonstrate their work/ project. Here are the three challenges that AirAsia has already revealed: 1. How do you profile AirAsia fans based on their digital social footprints to improve customer experience? 2. How do you reduce guests’ waiting times at the airport, from check-in to boarding? 3. How do you offer AirAsia guests the best flights and tours at lowest prices, as well as the best itineraries?

Applicants can apply for the same till February 19, 2017 here. Microsoft is one of the sponsor for the big event. Selected teams will be notified by the company on or by March 3. AirAsia will cover the flight for those based outside Malaysia.


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