300 billion reactions recorded in one year on Facebook


Facebook introduced “Reactions” last year on February 24 and according to a report, the social media giant has recorded a total of 300 billion reactions on different posts till now. The Reactions are a group of emoticons- Love, Haha, Sad, Wow, and Angry alongside a thumbs up for like.

Facebook users used “Love” to react the maximum time, claimed the company. Here’s what it said- “It’s been one year since we could do more than ‘Like’ a friend’s post, and in that time, there have been a total of 300 billion reactions on posts to date.”

The “Love” reaction has been used more than half of all reactions recorded and the day on which Facebook recorded the highest number of reaction was Christmas Day 2016. It was also the day people used “Love” reaction most. Country-wise, Mexico topped for using “Reactions” the most followed by Chile, Suriname, and Greece. United States is on eight spot.

“We have also analysed and are now able to share the most commonly used reactions and the times/places they are used most, providing insight about how Facebook’s more than 1.8 billion users express themselves on Facebook and beyond,” Facebook added.


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