Samsung launched two CFG70 curved gaming monitors in India


Samsung introduced its curved gaming monitors back at IFA 2016 and two of them have finally made their way to India. The two curved gaming monitors that have been launched are LC24FG70 having 24-inch display and LC27FG70 sporting 27-inch curved screen. The 24-inch monitor has been priced at Rs. 35,000 while the 27-inch will cost you 42,000.

According to the company, these are the first curved gaming monitors to feature 1 millisecond moving picture response time. The monitors comes with screen refresh rate of up to 144Hz optimized for AMD’s FreeSync tech to minimize stutter and Quantum Dot Technology. Samsung’s curved gaming monitors bears an FHD display with a resolution of 1080×1920 pixels and contrast ratio of 3000:1.

The monitors are specially designed for gamers around the world that features intuitive settings dashboard and hotkeys front and back of the monitors to quickly adjust the settings. The company also claims that each monitor goes through calibration before shipment to ensure the compatibility with different gaming genres. They feature wide viewing angle and comes with Game mode. The monitors also embed Arena Lighting to enhance the gameplay with a dynamically pulsing lightshow which emerges from below the monitor.

“Gamers are demanding an advanced display technologies in monitors in order to experience every nuance of a game. The launch of this curved gaming monitor is a step in that direction and I am sure that it will be a trend-setter in the gaming zone,” said Puneet Sethi, Director (CE B2B Business), Samsung India.


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