Airtel Is Now Offering More 4G Data With More Validity Than Reliance Jio

Airtel has announced a special 4G data pack to compete with Reliance Jio. Airtel is now offering 30GB unlimited data for just Rs.1,495 with 90-day validity for existing prepaid users. For new users the pack will cost Rs.1,494 on their initial recharge. It’s available for prepaid users only.

The new pack is initially launched in the Delhi circle. Airtel will soon launch the special 4G data pack in other circles across the country. With its new pack Airtel is offering much more than what Reliance Jio is offering.

As per the plan, you will get 30GB unlimited 4G data with 90-day validity. After using 30GB, you will get 2G unlimited data till your pack’s validity is expired. This 4G unlimited plan is priced at Rs.1,495. Logically, Airtel is offering 1GB data for less than Rs.50.

While Reliance Jio is offering 20GB 4G data with 28-day validity at a price of Rs.1,499. It means you are paying Rs.75 per GB in comparison to Airtel. In every way, Reliance Jio is legging behind in comparison with Airtel’s new 4G data pack.

“At Airtel, we are focused on providing great value to customers. Customers with 4G handsets generally consume large amounts of data and this proposition is specifically aimed at them. With this pack these customers can stay online round the clock without having to worry about exhausting their data limits or going for frequent recharges,” said Ajai Puri, Director Operations, Bharti Airtel.


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