Boston Dynamics showcases newer version of SpotMini in a video

Boston Dynamics has unveiled its latest project in a 24-second teaser trailer posted on its YouTube channel which is currently in development or could be in the final stages of development. The video features 2017 version of its robot dog called SpotMini.

Boston Dynamics is now owned by SoftBank, the Japanese tech giant. Softbank acquired the robotics design company this year from Google.

The company is currently working on a more advanced version of its SpotMini robot dog which was first unveiled last year in June and is set to be launched soon. Boston Dynamics hasn’t revealed much about the project, however, the video says that the robot dog is “coming soon.”

The 2016 version of SpotMini not performed well and did tasks terribly around the house. Boston Dynamics is back with the updated version of SpotMini sporting new looks and is much cuter than the previous one. Painted in Yellow, the all-new SpotMini is completely covered making it the most polished product the robot maker has ever made.

The published video gives us a sneak peek at its latest electric-powered robot dog as it walks across a lawn, quickly stops to stare at the camera, and then it went off behind the wall. The video is captioned “for more information… stay tuned.”

It appears from the short video that Boston Dynamics has improved its tech to achieve its goal of making like-like robots. As we mentioned, the company hasn’t revealed more information regarding its 2017 version of SpotMini and whether it will be made available to the public or not but one thing is clear as of now, you won’t be getting it anytime soon if it does retail at stores. 


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