Mark Zuckerberg’s Twitter, Pinterest Accounts Hacked

Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg’s Twitter and Pinterest accounts were hacked by a hacker group named OurMine Team over the weekend. The group claimed to have gained access to Mark Zuckerberg’s Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram account. However, Facebook later confirmed that Mark Zuckerberg’s Instagram account was remained untouched.

A Facebook spokesperson told VentureBeat website that “No Facebook systems or accounts were accessed. The affected accounts have been re-secured”.

The hacker group claimed that they have gained access using the LinkedIn password dump that happened a few weeks ago.

Millions of LinkedIn user account details were leaked online last month. The company reacted by invalidating user credentials and contacting affected users to reset their passwords.

For now, the hackers group account having 41,000 followers has been suspended. “So Twitter suspended our old Twitter. We are trying to get it back if not this account will be the official” twitted OuMine Team from its new account.

As per the hacking group, Mark Zuckerberg’s LinkedIn password was “dadada” and he must have used the same password for other social media account.

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