Indelible Ink Mark On Those Who Will Exchange Money; Task Force To Be Set Up


As per the latest announcements by Finance Secretary Shaktikanta Das, indelible ink will be used at banks and post offices to mark hands of those who will exchange demonetized notes for new ones. The step has been taken to stop those who are exchanging old notes more than once in a day. After voting, you get a voting mark on hands, similarly, after exchanging the money, your hands will be marked with indelible ink so that one could not try to exchange again the same day.

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Rs.500 and Rs.1000 notes are being stacked in banks and post offices creating problems for banks. To resolve this, a special task force is being introduced across the country to transfer the old stacks of notes to some other safe place. The task force will also analyse the old deposited notes to check for infusion of fake Indian currency.

Various agencies have also been advised to keep keen watch at the banks and to check if any black money holders trying to find ways to turn their illegal money, legal.

Technology teams have also been organized across the country to check the ATMs regularly for any issues. The teams will also recalibrate the ATMs across the nation. PM Modi is keeping eye on everything and is working all day to make sure that everything remains under control. Government has asked people to keep calm and not to get panicked as there is enough currency to fulfill the demand of the whole nation.

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Every measure is being taken by the government to ensure everyone gets their money exchanged. Micro ATMs have also been deployed at various parts of the country to deliver new notes and other currency notes to the people.

Prime Minsiter Narendra Modi’ mother Heeraben Modi has been seen in a bank exchanging her savings of old Rs.500 notes with new ones.


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