Mafia 3 adds Car Customization, Races & More for Free


After adding eleven additional outfits for Lincoln, the gaming character, Mafia 3 has now added some fresh content to the game. The new content includes- Car Customization, Races, and more Outfits for Lincoln. “Now, it’s time to tear up the streets of New Bordeaux with Races, Car Customization and more,” an article published on the game’s official website reads.

Let’s talk about the new content and have a look at what’s new in the City of New Bordeaux.

“This was one of the big requests from the fans,” added the article. The post added, “Today, we’re delivering with some seriously cool customizations for Lincoln’s fleet of up to 10 cars.”

You can earn the six cars by playing the game, the other three cars are for those those who own the Family Kick-Back plus the games’ top unlockable 10th car- Griffin Marauder. Mafia III is offering over 50 unique customization for your fleet with this content patch. The Family Kick-Back is currently available to download from your game system’s digital store at $4.99.

“First step to your very own custom, cherry-ed out rides: Get over to one of the nine Big Rick’s Garage locations around New Bordeaux. From there, start selecting what kind of Decals, Exhausts, Spoilers, Superchargers and Wheels you want on your car.”

Mafia III has also added 12 races for you to win throughout New Bordeaux. The races include six circuit lap races and six point-to-point races. The races become available after the first sit-down with all three lieutenants. Whenever you’re cruising around the open world (and not getting chased by the cops), look for the race markers on the map and drive on over in your favorite sports or exotic car.

The only way to win Griffin Marauder is by ruling the race courses!

“We’ve said many times that the inspiration for the driving in Mafia III were the classic car chase films of the late 1960s and early 1970s. You’ve experienced it while playing the game – now it’s time to stomp down the pedal and race! Whether you’re taking tight turns in a sports car or blazing through oncoming traffic in an exotic model,  there are 12 races for you to win throughout New Bordeaux,” the article reads further.

Mafia III new content patch also includes three more outfits for Lincoln. Two of the new looks available are “Bad, Bad Mr. Burke” and “On the Prowl.” The third one is “The Classico” with a custom revolver (“Il Duca”) which you will get by linking Mafia III with your My2K account. My2k Sign Up is now available in-game and online. If you have already linked the account then you will be able to find the Classico in your wardrobe and the arms dealer will  also be stocked with Il Duca right away.

“We were laser-focused to deliver this racing update so that you could roll into the New Year in style, but we do have more coming early next year. Namely, more customization and the ability to further enhance the performance of the cars in your fleet,” said Mafia Games.


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