Bentley’s first-ever electric concept car debuts at Geneva Motor Show

Bentley made surprise entry with its first-ever, pure luxury electric concept car EXP 12 Speed 6e at the Geneva Motor Show. Bentley’s pure-electric concept car is the future of luxurious, eco-friendly battery powered cars and it is astonishing. The British car maker may begin its production as early as 2021.

It is clear that Bentley is looking its future in producing high-performance electric cars. The company is currently seeking for feedback from VIP guests and analysts before it could begin the convertible’s production.

“This will give us a very good indication of where we are,” Wolfgang Dürheimer (Chairman, CEO- Bentley Motors) said during an interview in Geneva. “Do we need it? Or are we okay to still have combustion engines and hybrids, that’s it? This is what we want to find out.”

“We want to send a clear message: ‘If we do it, this is what it would look like.’ EVs don’t necessarily need to look like a refrigerator. They can appeal. They can be sexy. They can be emotional,” added the CEO.

Cabin and rear bank of the car is fully covered by leather. The front hood has been separated into two air vents and has “crystal cut” round LED headlights. It also sports large lattice-style Bentley front grille which also houses a “6e” symbol that starts illuminating when the car starts.

It’s a two-seater convertible electric car features high-definition OLED screen cut from a solid piece of curved glass at the center that controls climate control, navigation, and entertainment. It is equipped with lopped-off, crescent-shaped steering wheel that houses two buttons on the top, one is to boost car’s performance and other is to limit the car for safety in unpredictable driving conditions.

EXP 12 Speed 6e can run from London to Paris in single charge i.e. between 250 to 300 miles, claimed company. Further information about the engine, capabilities, and size have not yet been revealed.

“We don’t want our people who love luxury and love Bentley to change to a different brand and not use their Bentleys anymore. We want to let people know, in case you want electric power from Bentley, this is what we are making,” added Dürheimer.


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    The Bentley EXP 12 Speed Concept is meant to explore the possibility of Bentley producing a true all-electric vehicle for production; it s a separate endeavor from the recently promised plug-in hybrid Bentayga SUV, which is due out in 2018.

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