Sony’s Upcoming PlayStations : PS4 ‘Neo’ & PS4 ‘Slim’

Sony is working on two new versions of Playstation 4 named PS4 ‘Neo’ and PS4 ‘Slim’. However the company has only confirmed PlayStation 4 Neo publicly and might be launching it in its upcoming New York event which is scheduled to be held on September 7.

All your PS4 games will continue to work on PS4 Neo and PS4 Slim as they belong to the same platform. In comparison to the existing PS4, PS4 Neo will be more powerful. However both PS4 and PS4 Neo run on same processor but the newer version will be more faster than the existing one.

PS4 Neo also sports new graphics processor which is twice as powerful than the current PS4’s graphics processor. In terms of memory, PS4 Neo will sports 1TB of storage. PlayStation 4 Neo is capable of streaming 4K games. You must have a 4K/ UltraHD TV to play 4K games and stream 4K movies.

Talking about the PS4 Slim, it’s got a new different look but it remains same in all factors in comparison to standard PS4. It will be available in 500GB storage capacity. It’s also got a slightly different PS4 gamepad. However the company is still have to confirm PS4 Slim existence.

PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Neo, and PlayStation 4 Slim will support Sony’s upcoming PlayStation VR headset.

We still don’t know how PS4 Neo looks like as the console has not yet been revealed but the company is planning to reveal it in its upcoming event. Also, it won’t be a surprise if the company reveals PS4 Slim on September 7.

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