Google’s WiFi Router Is Now Available For Pre-Order


Google’s Wifi router is now up for pre-order, announced Google on Tuesday. The product was unveiled at company’s Pixel launch event. Google introduced its first branded smartphones, Pixel and Pixel XL alongside Google WiFi, and Daydream Headset.

Google has designed this product to improve the wireless connectivity throughout home or at workplaces. One single WiFi router can scatter its signal up to 1,500 square feet. Google recommends multiple WiFi router for space over 1,500 square feet. In this way, one can create a mesh network. This WiFi router can also reduce WiFi dead zones throughout your home.

The device comes with a software called Google’s Network Assist, designed to limit congestion by switching between channels and optimizing speeds, based on locations, by toggling through the 2.4 and 5GHz bands. The software ensures that you are always running on the fastest connection.It also offers vocal assistance for optimizing the individual nodes’ position.

Google WiFi router will be available as one or in a pack of three at a price of $129 or $299 respectively. As mentioned above, the device is up for pre-order on Google Store, Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy. Google may start shipping process from December 6.


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