Modi’s Speech From Ghazipur, UP; All The Key Points


PM Narendra Modi addressed the whole nation from Ghazipur explaining his decision on Currency Ban. He motivated the nation and asked to not get panicked and stay calm for 50 days. Everything will be as normal as earlier after December 30th. He asked to give him 50 days to prove his decision to fight against corruption and to clear black money out.

He asked again “People had voted me in 2014 to fight against corruption, So, shouldn’t I do it?”

“There is no shortage of money in India, but we don’t know where the money is kept,” said PM Modi. He further added, ” If I could have gone in search of black money holders one by one, then other black money holders could have shifted there it to some other place.”

“To tackle these conditions, I turned the value of Rs.500 and Rs.1000 notes into just worthless piece of paper. Now all the black money holders have black money of no market value.”

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“If I’m banning Rs.500 and Rs.1000 notes then am I not doing the job that has been assigned to me by the people of this country,” asked PM Modi.

“I understand the pain of the people because of the currency ban and for that, I will do my job day and night to lesser the pain and to solve public problems.” said PM Modi.

He also targeted the black money holders saying, “Some of the people are in too much pain.” He added, “There will not be any place where black money holders could hide.”

“There are some political parties who are also worried over currency ban.”

He assured the housewives saying, “Your hard-earned money is safe with the banks. In fact, you will get interest on this. The Income Tax department will not ask even one question about your savings of up to 2.5 lakhs.”

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“Have you ever heard of people throwing Rs.500 and Rs.1000 notes in Ganga.” He added, “Those who are doing this, even Maa Ganga can not forgive there sins.”

He also said that there are some people who are throwing there black money in garbage, he also warned them that throwing your black money out does not mean they will remain unpunished.

I know, those who are against me are strong people, they have the capability to buy the government, but, I’m not scared of them and I will not leave the path of truth and corruption free India.

The bank staff is working 18 hours a day to overcome the situation. He again asked, “I’m saying again, just give me 50 days.”

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