World’s Highest Bridge Opens To Traffic In China


The world’s highest bridge, connecting two provinces in the mountainous southwest, has been opened to public in China. According to the officials, the bridge will reduce the travel time by up to three-quarters. The bridge has been name as “Beipanjiang Bridge.”

According to the the Guizhou provincial transport department, The Beipanjiang Bridge is 565 metres above a river built in a mountainous region connecting two provinces, Xuanwei of Yunnan and Shuicheng of Guizhou. If travelers travel through this bridge, then, they will save up to three hours, as according to the local authorities, it takes more than 4 hours to travel between these two provinces.

According to a local newspaper Guizhou Daily, the 1,341-metre span cost over 1 billion yuan ($144 million). Beipanjiang Bridge overtook the Si Du River Bridge, located in the central province of Hubei, to become the world’s highest bridge.

Some of the world’s highest bridges are located in China only while the tallest one is in France named “Millau Viaduct” at 343 metres, measured in terms of the height of its own structure rather than the distance to the ground.


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