Avail Watch Dogs 2 Limited-Time Free Trial Now!


Ubisoft is offering free limited-time trial of Watch Dogs 2 to Xbox One owners which will be made available on January 24, 2017. Recently, the company made the free version of the game available for PS4 owners on January 17, 2017. PC users will not be able to avail Watch Dogs 2 free trial.

It will be a three-hour trial in which players will get full access to all the game’s features. “Watch Dogs 2 has been racking up praise from critics since its November release, but if you’re still on the fence about whether to jump in, you’re about to get a risk-free chance to explore its wide-open, hacker-friendly re-creation of the San Francisco Bay Area,” reads a post on Ubisoft.

You can explore the game at its fullest, complete missions, get to know Marcus Holloway and DedSec, explore the Bay Area freely, infiltrate restricted areas with hacked equipment, and wreak havoc with a friend in co-op.

Starting January 24, Xbox One users can play the game anytime for a limited time, just like PlayStation 4 users. If you like the game and want to buy it you can go for it without worrying about the progress you have made on free trial. Your progress will be transferred to the full game, claims Ubisoft.

According to the company, Xbox One and PS4 users will have to download 25GB to 28GB of game data to play the free three-hour trial. PS4 users can download it as it’s available for them since January 17 while Xbox One users can avail the same from January 24. Users can start playing the first mission after downloading 12GB of game’s data.

If you upgrade the free trial version to the premium version, you will not need to download any extra content. You can carry on where you left. You can buy the game during the trial or after the trial by visiting PSN store or Xbox Live marketplace.


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