Trump’s White House Website Deletes LGBT Rights & Other Crucial Pages


Donald Trump took over the White House today and looks like the transition of power has been initiated as White House website is changing. Many crucial pages including the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) rights page has been deleted or removed from the website.

The LGBT page has been replaced by Trump’s “transitionsplash” page (as seen in the picture above). Many pages developed under Obama administration has been removed or replaced by Trump’s administration.

Old Obama Administration pages can still be found here, Obama White House Acrhive. Earlier today, Obama’s Twitter account with username @POTUS was transferred to Trump and all the Obama administration tweets and other content has been shifted to @POTUS44.

Climate change pages throughout the site have also been removed and shockingly their are no pages on the website relating to LGBT community. Obama established the LGBT community page on White House website to highlight major legislative achievements and important policy changes for gay, lesbian and transgender people. Campaigns like “It Gets Better” was also organized to help and motivate the LGBT community.

Vice President Mike Pence has always opposed laws protecting LGBT community and they have also expressed their concern over Trump winning the presidency election.


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