Sony adds Google Assistant to its Android TVs

Sony has rolled out a software update for its Android TVs that adds support for Google’s virtual assistant called Google Assistant. The smart assistant has been rolled out to company’s 4K HDR models running Android TV. 

Sony is the second company to release Google Assistant for its Android TVs after Nvidia which released the smart assistant for its Shield TV in September this year.

Not all the Sony TV sets are going to get the virtual assistant, your Android TV should be eligible and as far as the eligibility criterion is concerned, select 2016 TV models and all the 2017 models will be receiving the software update.

With Google Assistant on board, you can control your Android TV and smart home appliances with just your voice. To start experiencing it, all you have to do is to activate the microphone through the remote and that’s it, you are good to go.

As most of you already know, you can now search the Google or give TV your commands like what to play or which app to open using your voice. Users can also control their smart home appliances like air conditioners, lights, surveillance cameras, or smart plug sockets and do a lot more.

2016 Sony Android TV models that will receive the software update include XBR – Z9D, XBR – X800D, XBR – X750/X700D.

The software update is available to download, go ahead and download/ install the update and start having fun. Let us know about your Google Assistant experience in the comments section below.


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