Samsung rolled out Bixby to Galaxy S8 owners worldwide


Samsung has finally rolled out its smart voice assistant Bixby worldwide to Samsung Galaxy S8 owners. It is now available in over 200 countries and territories globally. The AI based voice assistant is currently available in U.S. English and Korean languages.

Bixby is a virtual assistant, just like Apple’s Siri and Google’s Google Assistant, that provides an interface between the user and the device where they could interact with each other in real time. Bixby was supposed to come integrated with the launch of Galaxy S8 but it didn’t, however, Samsung later rolled out its intelligent voice assistant in South Korea and then in the U.S.

“Now millions of customers worldwide have access to a new and intelligent way of interacting with their phone. The expansion of Bixby’s voice capabilities is an initial step in the continued rollout of Bixby functionality,” stated Injong Rhee, Executive Vice President and Head of R&D, Software and Services of the Mobile Communications Business at Samsung Electronics.

With Bixby, you can easily create a custom voice command in place of any existing command or commands. Here is an example, you can turn on the do-not-disturb mode, blue light filter and even set an alarm for 6:00 AM with just one command which could be “good night.”

Bixby can understand your accent letting you ask questions and make a request. Everything is better explained with an example, so here’s one- If you want to send a picture you have just clicked to your mom, you can ask Bixby “send the picture just taken to mom,” it will know which photo you’re referring to and then text it to your mom.

It also makes managing apps and settings in your smartphone a lot easier. You don’t have to go through all the menus locating a particular feature you need, you can use the virtual assistant to bypass all the menus and instantly locate what you want. It also makes the driving experience a lot easier with a custom voice password, you can use the voice password to unlock your phone in order to carry out with your command while you drive.

Samsung will keep enhancing its virtual assistant by adding more features. It will add more languages and will also expand its voice capabilities to more countries, devices, and third-party applications. “By further enhancing its mobile experience and solutions offerings, even more users can interact with their device and manage their apps and services more seamlessly and instinctively,” reads Samsung’s press release.


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2 thoughts on “Samsung rolled out Bixby to Galaxy S8 owners worldwide”

  1. John Corcoran says:

    Is it available in Rep Ireland?

    • Rajat Gaur says:

      We can’t say if it is available in the Republic of Ireland as Samsung has not shared the list of countries, however, the voice assistant has been made available in the UK.

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